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Apple Watch Charger

by Li Leather on 19 Comments

Apple Watch Charger

Apple Watch chargers are the medium to charge the battery of the cell phone giant, 'Apple's,' smartwatch series. Nowadays, buying the Apple watch comes with a magnetic charging cable, a USB adapter of its own, and an included band to attach on the watch to wear it. This article is dedicated to providing information about the charger for the popular and sought after Apple Smartwatch series. From prices to types, everything will get mentioned and described in this article if it's related to the Apple Smartwatch charger(s).


Charger Lengths:

The magnetic charger comes in different cord lengths. You can purchase a magnetic charger with a cord whose length is 1 meter with a TYPE C USB option for almost $30. The charger with a range of 0.3 meters also costs the same. Charging with a regular USB option, with a length of either 0.3 or 1 meter, also requires the same amount of money.


The magnetic chargers are how the Smartwatches charge in recent days. By bringing the charger's connector close to the back part of the body of the watch, it charges it. The magnets in the watch and the charger stick when brought together, causing the watch to charge. They join to become a system that is free of any exposed space.

Any series, from the first to the latest one can get charged by the comparatively recent magnetic charger.


Other Types Of Chargers For Apple Watches:

Aside from the well known Magnetic chargers included in the box of the Apple Smartwatches, there are two other ways to charge your Apple Smartwatch.


  • One can use a 'Morphie 3 in 1' wireless charging pad, which is available for approximately $140, enabling you to charge Apple devices such as the Apple Smartwatch, iPhones, and AirPods.
  • You can also use a 'Magnetic Charging Dock' for charging this Smartwatch, which sells for almost $80, made to charge just your Apple Smartwatch.


Investing in good Apple Smartwatch chargers will pay off and be worth the money. It will ensure that your Smartwatch gets adequately charged, and its battery life stays usable for extended periods. It also provides the longevity of your device that you have bought with your hard-earned money.



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