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Apple Watch 5 hands-on review: better watchOS 6

by Li Leather on 0 Comments
Apple Watch 5 hands-on review: Take the timeline back to Apple's fall launch in 2014, where Apple's CEO Tim Cook officially unveiled its new product, the: Apple Watch. Half a year later, the much-anticipated product was unveiled at Apple's spring launch in 2015. In common with the iPhone, many people are not optimistic that five years after the original Apple Watch, Apple brought the Apple Watch 5 at the 2019 fall product launch at 1: 00 a.m. Beijing time, a product that has matured over time, and its predecessor holds the position of TOP 1 in the field of smart wear. Only Apple can break Apple, and this breaking product has come to us.

Ceramic material returns, the display screen is often bright to praise

Last year Apple redesigned the appearance of the Apple Watch 4, so the overall design of the Apple Watch 5 is similar to that of the Apple Watch  4, still the traditional square dial design, using the 40mm/44mm dial. Unlike the previous generation, it uses an all-weather retinal display screen without raising the wrist or touching the screen, making the time and dial visible at any time. In addition, in addition to aluminum and stainless steel, titanium and precision ceramics have been added to the watch case, giving consumers more choices.


Apple Watch 5 hands-on review
Apple Watch  5


It's no strang for us to see the precision ceramic cases of Apple Watch, which Apple has used in its second-generation Apple Watch. Compared with the glass material, ceramics not only have a more metallic texture but also have a better specular luster than glass. What is more important is that the ceramic material has higher hardness, more wear resistance, and smaller electromagnetic shielding, which can greatly improve the signal performance of the watch. At present, the cost and quality rate of ceramics have been greatly increased compared with previous years, and are widely used in smartphones. It can be expected that Apple Watch 5 will return to precision ceramics this time.

Not only precision ceramic materials return to, Apple Watch 5 but also a new version of titanium, titanium with lightweight, high hardness, corrosion resistance, good biocompatibility, and other characteristics, widely used in aerospace and other fields, so titanium has become an ideal material for watch shell, in the field experience, the editor found that titanium looks calmer and atmosphere, while the texture of the touch is better.


Apple Watch 5 hands-on
Apple Watch 5


Apple Watch 5 has also been upgraded on the sensor, the previous generation Apple Watch  4 uses the second-generation optical heart sensor, and has also passed the United States FDA certification, the ECG report generated by it can be directly used in medical treatment. The compass and altimeter are added to the Apple Watch  5 to give Apple Watch  5 a full sense of direction. And thanks to the ultra-low power LTPO display, the Apple Watch  5 still has 18 hours of battery life while the display is still bright.


Apple Watch  5


In addition to, Apple Watch  5 also supports a global emergency call, wearing a built-in cellular network function of Apple Watch  5, just press and hold the side button, even if the iPhone is not around to call the police. At the same time, the fall test can detect whether you have fallen, and if you do not respond within 60 seconds, it will automatically make an emergency call to let your emergency contact know all about it.

Better use of watchOS 6 - Apple Watch 5 hands-on review

At the 2019 WWDC launch, Apple brought us watchOS 6, and after months of testing, watchOS 6 is now officially coming to us. With watchOS 6, we can see that Apple wants to make Apple Watch  5 a smart device that is independent of the iPhone.

This is reflected in the fact that the previous generation of Apple Watch supports eSIM and can independently access the cellular network. Before Apple Watch is not connected to the cellular network, it needs to rely on the network of iPhones. At this time, Apple Watch is more like a piece of information receiving terminal of iPhone, receiving information on the iPhone, and the final use will fall back to the iPhone.


Apple Watch 5 hands-on review
Apple Watch  5


When Apple Watch was connected to the cellular network, it finally broke away from the "shadow" of iPhone, the most obvious of which is the emergence of independent applications and proprietary App Store in watchOS 6. According to Apple, there are thousands of downloadable App, on Apple Watch  5 that cover all aspects of life, from fitness to finance, from maps to music.

At the same time, in order for users to operate better on the Apple Watch  5 screen, select App, which is loved by countless people, is retained in Apple Watch's exclusive App Store, while users can also search through handwritten text or dictation, of course, Siri is also essential. Now all you have to do is select an App, you like on the watch screen and enter it, and then you can swipe the dial to read the introduction, browse the screenshot, and check the user's comments on the App. It can be said that the addition of proprietary App Store, has led to a qualitative improvement in the use of Apple Watch  5.

At the same time, due to the limitations of the size of the watch, Siri will undertake more interactive work. For example, when you hear a song you like very much while running, you don't have to pull out your phone, you just need to wake up the Siri, on your watch and ask it, "what song is this?" It will find the answer for you, and when connected to the cellular network, Siri and Shazam will also help you search for the latest popular songs, even if the phone is not around. It can be said that Siri has become smarter and knows you better than before.

Each generation of watchOS brings a very beautiful dial, with hundreds of dials in the watchOS 6. In the words of Apple, "whether you want to achieve more functions at your fingertips or add a touch of fashion between your wrists, there is always a new dial to suit your mood." 

The dial on the WatchOS 6 clearly does this. At the same time, you can also put the commonly used App and functions in a reasonable position on the dial to facilitate your quick access. On the watch, you can check the signal strength, the weather of the day, or other information you want to see the first time. In addition, Taptic Engine also brings an excellent sense of shock, whether it is waking up the alarm clock or telling the time on the hour, it will make you feel as if Apple Watch  5 is giving you a massage.

More independent products and more accurate product positioning - Apple Watch 5 hands-on review

As mentioned above, Apple Watch  5 has become more independent with the introduction of watchOS 6 and the addition of proprietary App Store and cellular networks. The independent Apple Watch 5 obviously needs to find a position that suits you, and Apple sets it as your health assistant and hopes to bring users a better lifestyle through Apple Watch.

Apple Watch  5 builds on Apple Watch 4 and hopes to use these methods to become your health assistant. If you want to have a good body, you must keep exercising. Through the fitness record circle, you can see the activity, exercise, and standing indicators throughout the day at a glance. At the same time, Apple Watch  5 will also collect data such as the pace of your walking, the number of ladders you climb, and the maximum oxygen uptake through the sensor. With the new "trend" function, you can clearly show the upward or downward trend of any index over a period of time, so that you can keep abreast of your physical condition and adjust it.


Apple Watch 5 hands-on
Apple Watch  5 


For female friends, to understand their menstrual cycle can have a clearer grasp of the health status of the body. The newly added menstrual tracking App can be used to record the menstrual cycle information of female users every day. At the same time, you can add menstruation, record symptoms such as headaches or dysmenorrhea, track the results of ovulation prediction reagents and basic thermometer data, and finally aggregate this information into a table. and predict that your next menstruation or pregnancy is about to begin, remind you through a pop-up window.

In addition, "noise" App has been added to Apple Watch 5 with watchOS 6 system. Now Apple Watch can measure the ambient noise of your location and calculate how long you are exposed to the noise. Once it is detected that the decibel level around you has risen to such an extent that it may affect your hearing, you will be reminded to leave as soon as possible. Of course, your data only belongs to you, and Apple says that when you back up your data on iCloud, your data will be encrypted and protected.

Bottom line

You can see that when the Apple Watch  5 is coupled with the watchOS 6 system, it looks like a mobile phone on the wrist. Whether it is the exclusive App Store, data monitoring and other related functions, let Apple Watch  5 pay more attention to your health and your lifestyle, and provide you with corresponding solutions, the more independent Apple Watch  5 also once again raises the upper limit of the smartwatch, bringing an extraordinary experience. This is also the charm of Apple. As a company that has always been at the top of the industry, Apple has been leading the development of, Apple Watch  5 and watchOS 6. The significance and changes brought about by Apple for the whole industry are undoubtedly huge and revolutionary. 

Apple Watch 5 hands-on review




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