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Difference Between Apple Watch Series 1 & 2

by Li Leather on 15 Comments

Difference Between Apple Watch Series 1 & 2

This article gives you comprehensive information about the difference between Apple watch series 1 and 2. The set of devices that the smartphone giant 'Apple' has launched is a line of smartwatches by the company famous for its iPhones.


 Made to connect to and sync with the user's iPhone, these watches enable the users to take and receive calls. Additionally, they can also connect to wifi and sync applications on the connected iPhone. There are different versions or 'series' of these watches; with time, Apple releases new ones. In this article, let us help you to differentiate between the very first series of Apple smartwatches. Series 1, and the one that came after it, the Series 2 Apple Watch.


Both watches are more or less the same in terms of outward physical appearance; however, the same is not the case about their specifications. Here are the Differences between Apple Watch, series 1 and 2:  

 Differences between Apple Watch Series 1 and 2:

  • In terms of cost, the Apple Watch Series 1 costs less, specifically $269. Whereas, the Apple Watch Series 2 costs around a hundred dollars more, $369.
  • Both watches get manufactured with different materials. The Series 1 Apple watch is available in Aluminum. However, the Series 2 watch is available in both metal bodies as well as ceramic ones, which are far more expensive than metals like Aluminum. 
  • The Series 2 watch has built-in GPS, and one can swim for up to 50 meters wearing it; this is not possible or included in the watch launched before it.
  • Series 2 Watch has a comparatively brighter display.
  • Series 1 watch is thinner than the Series 2 but has a shorter battery life as well. The Series 2 watch can run for 12 hours more than the Series 1.
  • The new processor in the Series 1 Watch is much faster than the one in the Series 2 smartwatch. 


These are all the differences between Apple's Smartwatch series 1 and 2. The Series 2 watch is better than the Series 1 watch, but the Series 1 is ideal for those on a budget and doesn't swim or require GPS.



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