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How to Change Apple Watch Strap ?

by Li Leather on 1 Comment

How to change Apple watch strap? That doesn't have to so difficult. Suppose you use a customized strap. Using different straps to change the design of your watch is a nice plus. While the procedures for this are quite simple, you should be careful.


Removing The Old Strap - How to change Apple watch strap?

Turn the clock over to prevent scratching the glass. On the back you will see a strap button.
Press and hold the small button that you see as the belt button and pull the belt to the side.
You should easily remove the strap. If you jam, be sure to press the button fully.

New Belt Installation

This is  easy to do when installing a new strap.
Again, you must press the button shown as the belt button.
Press this button to push the new belt in the same way.
When the clips snap into place, you can release the button. Here you must make sure that the belts are correctly oriented.

What Should Be The Strap Size?

The size of the straps that you will use on Apple Watch models is very important. According to Apple's recommendations, the sensor part on the back of the watch should touch your arm fully to get accurate measurements.

The entire sensor surface should touch your arm, but not too tightly. In short, the watch should rest on your arm so that it does not move. We will also offer strap customizations for both new watches and old watches. Keep following us

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