Watch Video On Apple Watch - These Simple Tips Will Help
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Want To Watch Video On Apple Watch? These Simple Tips Will Help

by Li Leather on 0 Comments

Many think that because of its tiny screen, watching videos isn’t possible on app watch, but that’s not true! Yes, you can actually watch videos on Apple Watch, and you will learn how to easily do that after reading this post.

Watch Video on apple Watch


The App Watch, a product of the famous Apple company is designed in such a way that you could playback videos received through iMessages. With this feature, a video clip can be played on your tiny App Watch. 


So, whenever you get a notification on your Apple Watch and a video is contained in it, you can watch it without stress. There is no need to record the video clip with your iPhone camera since it can be synced from the computer or even downloaded from your mail.

Watch Video on Apple Watch

How to Watch Video on Apple Watch

This is so simple, and you don’t have to be a tech guru in order to understand it better. When you receive a message containing a video file, you will be notified, and a thumbnail of the video together with the play button will appear. All you simply have to do is tap on it, and the video begins to play! Just like other video players, there are playback options and you can always adjust the volume, pause the video, and even skip to any part you want. 


You don’t have to wait for someone to text you the video; you can simply text yourself and sync these videos from your iPhone to your Apple Watch device. This is very simple and you can perform this trick the same way you share photos through iMessages. 


To break this down further, all you should do is create a new text message on your iPhone. In the section to add recipients, just choose yourself. Now, finally, from the bottom-left corner, using the camera icon available, add a video from your photos library. As you do so, ensure that your Apple Watch is paired to your iPhone.


That’s very easy to do, and by now, you should know that if you want to watch videos on Apple Watch, it is very possible, no matter how small your watch is.







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