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When Should I Charge My Apple 5 Watch ?

by Li Leather on 1 Comment

It is no news that iPhones and other Apple products are of great quality, but the battery life of the App 5 watch is not encouraging. This has made some users a bit worried, and they often ask questions like: ‘Should I charge my Apple Watch 5 every night?‘. Yes, Apple claimed that it could last for up to 18 hours when fully charged, but this battery life can reduce, depending on what you use the watch for.

When Should I Charge My Apple 5 Watch 

Battery Life of an Apple Watch 

If you use the watch constantly, running heavy apps for workouts and also playing music among other things, then expect the battery life to drain pretty fast. On the other hand, if the watch sits idle almost the whole day and you rarely use it except for simple tasks like time checking, then the battery would last a bit longer. 

 With that said, it is important that you charge your Apple 5 watch properly, and this is best done when it isn’t actively in use. This means that charging your watch at night is great because you probably won’t be using it as you sleep. This watch charges in a special way since it makes use of a magnetic type of cable for charging which you get together with the watch. You can also get a charging dock for it as an alternative.

Apple Watch Charging

When Should I Charge My Apple 5 Watch ?

When you want to charge the watch, simply place the side of the watch to the curved side of the charging puck then let it rest on a table, or any flat surface. Since you don’t want your battery to run low as you use it during the day, it is a wise idea to charge it at night. You don’t have to worry about how long it takes to charge because it charges very fast. Typically, Apple Watches takes about two hours to fully charge, so you can always charge it at night in preparation for the next day. 


Though the battery life of the Apple 5 watch isn’t that long when compared to the Apple 4 watch and other series, you can still enjoy its benefits without it running flat, and it is also good to charge it every night.

Apple Watch 5 Battery infographic

When Should I Charge My Apple 5 Watch






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